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What we do
6Pages is a new kind of market-intelligence service that helps professional decision-makers make better and faster decisions in response to far-reaching shifts in business & tech. We scan thousands of news pieces, identify and connect signals of change, and turn them into deeply researched briefs each week on what’s happening and what it means.
What makes us different
Our subscription service offers the same level of quality as leading project-based advisory firms at an accessible price point. 6Pages briefs address needs unmet by outdated, expensive industry reports and click-driven news articles short on context.
Written narrative informed by intensive research
Forward-looking perspectives on market shifts
Continuous market scanning and curation
Connections across a broad landscape of markets & technologies
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What we offer
Member-Only Briefs
Members get unlimited access to our deeply researched briefs on the most important market shifts emerging from recent signals. Each brief deep-dives into a single far-reaching shift ("What's Happening") and presents our analysis and perspective on it ("What It Means").
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Get the top 3 market shifts that decision-makers should know about every week straight to your inbox, designed to be read in 5 minutes.
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We share a curated feed of the latest business and technology signals that surface every day, available on our Twitter and LinkedIn.
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We’re advisors, not journalists. The team behind 6Pages collectively brings decades of experience from relevant backgrounds – strategy, innovation, consulting, M&A, entrepreneurship, angel investing, data science, and software development. Most recently, the 6Pages team spent 3 years operating a function in a large top-tier professional services firm, scanning the marketplace and authoring executive briefs for thousands of senior executives and their teams globally.